The TruVue Heel Protector is used to aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

The TruVue® Heel Protector is a fabric pressure care boot available in 3 sizes to ensure optimal fit. The Heel Protector supports the foot and lower limb to provide pressure care and comfort. The long sole has been designed to open fully to view the base of the foot. The long length provides protection for the toes.

EHOB’s TruVue® Heel Protector mirrors the natural shape of the leg. It securely holds the leg and foot in place while allowing for full range of motion.


Offering patients a new level of support, the TruVue® Heel Protector is constructed with an anti-shear pad. This pad serves as a barrier to shearing forces on the heel from a bed.

The Achilles pillow is positioned under the Achilles tendon to provide heel elevation and to cushion the tendon from pressure locations. Additionally, the product’s removable external wedge delivers a stable base to resist leg rotation.

 Its anti-foot-drop straps attach to each side of the boot, rather than the back, to alleviate pressure points around and on the base of the foot. The straps also give caregivers the ability to pull the foot back to a neutral 90-degree orientation. Its deep, v-cut heel well fully offloads the heel without any product interaction and provides relief from product-to-heel engagement with foot flexion.

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