H5 Healthcare is celebrating 10 years specialising in Pressure Injury Prevention Products


Green WAFFLE Cushion 43cmThe WAFFLE® Cushion helps reduce your risk of pressure injuries and helps improve comfort when seated.

Unique venting holes provide airflow to keep you comfortable.

Seating is often overlooked in hospitals, nursing homes and in homecare because of the attention to bedding. But when you consider the amount of time that people spend sitting upright, whether in wheelchairs, daychairs, or other hard surfaces, it’s vital to consider covering these surfaces to aid in seating comfort and prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.


Waffle Overlay purple on bed

Pressure injuries (bed sores) can develop when pressure is put on bony areas for long periods of time.

WAFFLE® Overlay helps take pressure off bony areas by gently lifting you off the surface when you are lying down for extended periods.


TruVue Heel Protector The TruVue® Boot helps reduce your risk of pressure injuries by lifting your heel off the bed and lowering the risk of a pressure injury caused by your heels rubbing on the sheets.

Soft inner fabric helps wick away moisture.


Heel Cushion for pressure care multipositioner

The WAFFLE® Heel Cushion offloads the heel using static air technology.

The air filled cushion is fitted onto your bed mattress to comfortably and effectively lift the heels off the bed surface.




Position Perfect Wedge in use


The Position Perfect® Wedge ensures sacral offloading for pressure injury prevention by providing back and side support with comfortable immersive foam that contours to the body.




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The WAFFLE® and TruVue® ranges are designed and manufactured by USA based company EHOB

EHOB was founded in 1985 and strive to produce simple, clinically-proven, cost-effective solutions that reduce the risk of pressure injuries and improve overall patient care