WAFFLE® Overlay – Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment Through to Stage IV

Pressure care Overlay on bed

The WAFFLE® Pressure Care Overlay with a Safe Working Load of 272kg, is made to go on top of your existing mattress.

The air overlay cradles (envelops) the body, providing protection and treatment for pressure ulcers. And it is also recommended for pain management.

The overlay is easy to transport, cleans with soap and water and is extremely comfortable.

  • Cost Effective – Delivers pressure relief for pennies a day
  • Technologically Sound – Patented design eliminates patient “bottoming out” and ensures air always surrounds patients body
  • Static Air Technology – prevents and heals pressure ulcers
  • Air Passage Vents – Allow for circulation and heat and moisture dissipation
  • Easy to Use – Easily inflates with non-electrical M.A.D.™ Pump
  • Safe and Secure – The low profile mattress design provides patient safety and adjustable straps secures and centres mattress to the bed
  • Whether you are rehabilitating at home following surgery or looking for a long-term solution for a loved one, the WAFFLE® Mattress Overlay with a 6 month warranty is a great choice

Pressure care Overlay on bed

Waffle Pressure Care Overlay and cushion in hospital room

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