EHOB WAFFLE©| Heelprotectors

The NEW and improved EHOB® Heel Elevator® & Heel Elevator® Custom Surround the Lower Limb in Air

EHOB®’s heel protectors off-load the heel to prevent or treat pressure ulcers up through Stage IV and deep tissue injury. They come pre-inflated and are ideal for use in bed, operating room and intensive care. They may also be used in wheelchairs and day chairs but are not intended to be used while walking.

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4400AEHOB Heel Protector Custom with PumpStockTPUSmall-Medium
4400BEHOB Heel Protector Custom without PumpStockTPUSmall-Medium
4410AEHOB Heel Protector Custom without PumpStockTPUMedium-Large
4410BEHOB Heel Protector Custom with PumpStockTPUMedium-Large
4420AEHOB Heel Protector Custom without PumpStockTPUExtra Large
4420BEHOB Heel Protector Custom with PumpStockTPUExtra Large
4430AEHOB Heel Elevator, buttons, unlined, without PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4430BEHOB Heel Elevator, buttons, unlined, with PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4440AEHOB Heel Elevator, Velcro, lined, without PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4440BEHOB Heel Elevator, Velcro, lined, with PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
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