EHOB WAFFLE® Heel Cushion


The WAFFLE® Heel Cushion secures directly to the mattress and allows for the users feet to be gently suspended above the surface of the mattress.

The Hand Pump is included with this product.

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The EHOB WAFFLE Heel Cushion secures directly to the mattress. The Heel Cushion gently suspends the clients feet above the surface of the mattress.

Where boot style pressure devices are not recommended this product allows flexibility of care. As there is no device fitted directly to the clients foot any falls risk is reduced.

The Heel Cushion has been ergonomically designed to allow the leg to remain in a comfortable position with the knee slightly flexed instead of extended, giving support to the heel. Designed with ventilation holes, the EHOB Heel Cushion allows the air to flow and moisture to vent, to help to keep you cool and dry

After inflating place the Heel Cushion valve side down towards the foot end of the bed. You can then secure it around and under the mattress using the strap and buckle. The Heel Cushion can also be covered with either a flat or fitted sheet.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 75 × 12 × 12 cm
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Box – see dimensions and weight above

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