EHOB WAFFLE® Pump Inflation quick Guide

The pump that comes with the EHOB product is specially designed for the EHOB product line and has to be used with the correct amount of inflation strokes.

Important: One Stroke equals One Full Out and In Movement.

MAD Hand Pump




Fully extend pump and push back to starting point for 1 full inflation count


Six Quick Tips on Your Cushion

• The EHOB WAFFLE® Cushion will appear only 3/4 full to achieve its full benefit.Waffle Cushion Roll Test
• You should sit IN the cushion and not ON it.
• It is correctly inflated when you can roll one side of the cushion past the first set of holes.
• Placing the Cushion in a pillow case provides extra coolness and comfort.
• Cushion should be placed in chair with valve down and to the back of surface.
• Re-Inflating your cushion may require less air (strokes).


Waffle Overlay InflationSix Quick Tips on Your Mattress

• The EHOB WAFFLE® Mattress Overlay will appear only 3/4 full to achieve its full benefit.
• You should lie IN the mattress and not ON it.
• When correctly inflated the Overlay will be able to fold over (feet to head) when filled. It should fall flat, without a rounded ‘C’shape.
• The mattress can be filled while the patient is on it. This way it is easy to see when the pressure is correct.
When the pelvic area of the patient starts moving up, add 2 full strokes to get correct inflation.
• Mattress should be placed on bed with valve down and at feet-end of surface.
• Re-Inflating your mattress may require less air (strokes).

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