Position Perfect Wedge – Standard


The Position Perfect Wedge hold the patient’s body at a 30 degree angle for proper sacral offloading to aid in pressure injury prevention.

They are sold as a pair so that one can be placed at the thigh area and the other at the waist/rib area.

Standard Size 48cm long x 28cm wide



The EHOB Position PerfectWedge help maintain the patient in a lateral side lying position to ensure proper sacral offloading for pressure injury prevention.

The Position Perfect Wedge has ergonomic handles to promote ease of use for the caregiver, its 30 degree angle promotes proper sacral offloading and the foam provides the ideal firmness to effectively turn the patient while comfortably contouring to the body.

Wedges hold the patient in a side-lying position at the correct 30 degree angle to maintain sacral offloading. 2 wedges are supplied to provide adequate support and spinal alignment.

Pillows can become misshapen and compressed, they also break down over time providing insufficient offload.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm