EHOB TruVue Heel Protector (Extra Large)


The TruVue Heel Protector mirrors the natural shape of the leg, securely holding the leg and foot in place while allowing for full range of motion.

Extra Large size suits a calf circumference of 46-64cm.

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The TruVue Heel Protector Extra Large is a fabric pressure care boot that mirrors the natural shape of the leg. It securely holds the leg and foot in place while allowing for full range of motion.  It provides support to the foot and lower limb for pressure care and comfort, helping to reduce the risk of pressure injuries by lifting the heel off the bed and minimising the risk of pressure injury caused by rubbing against sheets.

Its anti-foot-drop straps attach to each side of the boot, rather than the back, to alleviate pressure points around the foot. The straps give caregivers the ability to pull the foot back to a neutral 90-degree orientation. The Achilles pillow is positioned under the Achilles tendon to provide heel elevation and to cushion the tendon from pressure. The stability rails deliver a stable base to overcome torsional forces and resist leg rotation.

The base fully opens to provide complete visibility to the foot in addition to adjustability for a custom fit. Its deep, v-cut heel well fully offloads the heel and provides relief from product-to-heel engagement with foot flexion.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 32 cm
Package Type

Box – see dimensions and weight above

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