CleanPatch is the first medical surface repair patch system to correctly restore a wide variety of damaged, critical patient surfaces to an intact and hygienic state. 

Inspired by a nurse, this system was designed to repair damage quickly, easily and safely – for a fraction of the cost of equipment replacement. It is now being utilized as part of a surface inspection and repair program in thousands of healthcare facilities globally.

Clinically tested. 
  • Validated by independent infection prevention professionals.
  • Durable and impervious to fluids under rigorous conditions.
  • Fully cleanable with hospital disinfectants.
Safe and Simple.
  • Early intervention reduces the risk of cross contamination.
  • Made of latex-free, biocompatible materials.
  • Simple peel and stick to apply in seconds.
Cost Effective.
  • Extends the life of capital equipment.
  • Proactively improves your patient safety.
  • Real savings in equipment repair versus replacement.
  • Stretch patches for hospital mattresses, comfort chairs etc.
  • Vinyl patches for vinyl upholstery such as chairs and exam tables.
  • Gel patches for Gel Pads and Positioners.

EHOB WAFFLE®️ | Cushions


EHOB WAFFLE®️ Seating Cushions and Pads – Prevents and Treats Stages I-IV Pressure Ulcers
From one surface to another, wound care and prevention is an ongoing process for many caregivers. Our seating cushions help provide comfort and prevention in the areas where many people spend the majority of their day.

The conditions of seating applications are often overlooked in hospitals, nursing homes and in homecare because of the attention to bedding. But when you consider the amount of time that people spend sitting upright, whether in wheelchairs, daychairs, or other hard surfaces, it’s vital to consider covering these surfaces to aid in seating comfort and prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up through Stage IV.

All EHOB WAFFLE®️ Cushions and Pads feature a low profile design that eliminates the buoyant sensation typical to most cushions, yet cradles around natural bony areas to lift the patient off the seating surface.

For those seating applications where pressure reduction is indicated for the back and/or hips as well as the buttocks, EHOB WAFFLE®️ Seating Pads are the right choice.

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4230AEHOB Seat Cushion Original Size without PumpStockTPU43 x 43 x 5cm
4230BEHOB Seat Cushion Original Size with PumpStockTPU43x43x5cm
4240AEHOB Seat Cushion Standard without PumpStockTPU48x48x5cm
4240BEHOB Seat Cushion Standard with PumpStockTPU48x48x5cm
4250AEHOB Bariatric Seat Cushion without PumpStockTPU71x56x5cm
4250BEHOB Bariatric Seat Cushion with PumpStockTPU71x56x5cm
201TPUEHOB Dual Chamber CushionStockTPU88x43x4cm
4260AEHOB Multi Care Pad with PumpStockTPU91x43x5
4280AEHOB Riser/Recliner Cushion (Short) with PumpStockTPU99x56x6cm
4290AEHOB Riser/Recliner Cushion (Long) with PumpStockTPU178x51x7cm

EHOB WAFFLE©| Heelprotectors

The NEW and improved EHOB® Heel Elevator® & Heel Elevator® Custom Surround the Lower Limb in Air

EHOB®’s heel protectors off-load the heel to prevent or treat pressure ulcers up through Stage IV and deep tissue injury. They come pre-inflated and are ideal for use in bed, operating room and intensive care. They may also be used in wheelchairs and day chairs but are not intended to be used while walking.

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4430AEHOB Heel Elevator, buttons, unlined, without PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4430BEHOB Heel Elevator, buttons, unlined, with PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4440AEHOB Heel Elevator, Velcro, unlined, without PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4440BEHOB Heel Elevator, Velcro, unlined, with PumpStockTPUOne Size Fits Most
4410AEHOB Heel Protector Custom without PumpOrderTPUMedium-Large
4410BEHOB Heel Protector Custom with PumpOrderTPUMedium-Large
4420AEHOB Heel Protector Custom without PumpStockTPUExtra Large
4420BEHOB Heel Protector Custom with PumpStockTPUExtra Large
4310EHOB Heel CushionStockTPUOne Size